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Rates & Services


Description Duration Rates Additional hours rate
1 hour
$600 incall
1 hour
$800 incall
1 hour
+ travel fee for outcalls
1 hour
$1000 incall
24 hours
outcall only
5 hours
outcall only
Untimed dining + 2 hours intimate time
outcall only
12-14 hours*
outcall only
48 hours
outcall only
2 hours
outcall only
Please, contact for more information

* I require minimum 7 hours beauty sleep for all Overnight, Dream Day, Whirlwind Weekend and FMTY bookings
Outcalls incur a $200 travel fee for Innercity Melbourne. Outcall only services are inclusive of this travel fee.


Girlfriend Experience

My GFE service is a very sensual and intimate experience for those looking for connection. We can spend time watching a movie, cooking dinner together, and of course, I will do my best girlfriendly duty.

Naughty Girlfriend Experience

NGFE is for those looking for a more raunchy experience, and exploring their wild side. The NGFE is where you will feel me whisper dirty things in your ear as  I grind against you in a lapdance, just to start your engine. If you love roleplay, fetish or have a propensity for toys (and the show that goes along with it), look no further than the NGFE.


I love sharing a client with an escort friend of mine (or even of your choosing), I find it so hot being able to take our time to pamper and adore every part of you. My doubles booking is always playful and sinful, let your imagination run wild with the thought of two lingerie-clad women looking up from underneath you.

You can find my specific bookings for doubles on my doubles page here.


Couple bookings are my specialty, with most of my private life experiences being with women I have really mastered the art of making a woman feel comfortable and appreciated. This paired with my great communication skills makes me the perfect lover for couples looking to explore their naughty side together, or even have a regular third. I am very respectful of all boundaries set by both the couple and the individual. This is your time to receive, watch and give pleasure, every moment should feel like a fantasy. I recommend couples looking for their first booking with me to book a 2-hour session to start, it gives us time to build that connection, get comfortable and discuss any boundaries you may have, plus the more bodies the more to play with.

A Night to Remember

5 glorious hours of my unravelled self. Want to see me really let loose? Book me for a night to remember, this booking is exclusively for those who want to have a night on the town. I don’t party often but when I do I really let loose, this is where you find my sluttiest self. Let’s go clubbing together, get hot and sweaty while I grind on you before going back to yours for a nightcap.

Dinner Date

I love everything about a dinner date from getting all dressed up, sharing food, trying gorgeous wines (I want to do a sommelier course for fun) to playing footsies under the table. A dinner date is an absolute classic, it gives us time to build a great connection while flirting across (and under) the table before going back to yours for a second round of dessert.


Who doesn’t love the feeling of waking up next to a gorgeous woman in their bed? You’ll dream of the night we had before, where we enjoyed dinner, a game or a night out before retiring to the bedroom to spend hours reveling in each other. Let me wake you up with soft kisses and a passionate morning.*

Dream Day

Let’s spend a whole 24 hours together! Spend the day stealing kisses in corners of museums and wineries, take a road trip down to the beach. Let me plan a date for us that you will not soon forget. An afternoon romp before ordering in or going out for dinner, before letting our desires run rampant.*

Whirlwind Weekend

Whisk me away for the weekend! Let’s enjoy a road trip to a quiet country town and spend the weekend full of bubble baths and flutes of champagne. Or to somewhere with a gorgeous beach where we can enjoy sun, sand and sex. Even camping! Have you got a place you’ve wanted to relax or explore with someone special? Let’s go together.*

Social Date

Want to stare into each other’s eyes while we get to know each other over a lunch or evening glass of wine? A social date is a great fit for someone looking to explore more emotional intimacy, or wants to get to know each other before taking it to the bedroom.

*All accommodation, travel and meals for overnight, 24-hour and whirlwind weekend bookings must be paid for by you, and are not included in my rates.
Accommodation cannot be residential for these bookings, they must be a hotel or Airbnb unless you can provide a reference.

Scat play
Uncovered services
Incest roleplay (including “step”)

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