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I would like to think that all my clients would like to be the best client they can be. The keys to being a good client are respect and hygiene.
When communicating with me please respect my time, business, feelings and boundaries. Placing your booking enquiry please fill out all details, comprehensively read my website , and have your deposit and screening information prepared. Please use respectful language when referring to me and to others.
Hygiene, please make sure you have been thorough in the shower, including fresh breath. 
I prefer when gentlemen show up in clean clothes, I understand sometimes you wish to come after being on the job site or the gym, if this is the case please leave these clothes in the bathroom after your shower.

To make me feel most comfortable please provide as many screening details for a residential outcall as you can.
For a hotel booking, providing me with arrival details when you check in is very appreciated, such as where we will be meeting in the hotel, if I need a card to come up to you, the most discreet entrance door etc.
For all outcalls it makes me the most comfortable when the space is clean including the bathroom. Providing a towel or hand towel for me to wash up with after a booking.
Please make sure there are no screens/ cameras around that are open such as a laptop webcam, turning your phone off or in a drawer will also give me a lot of comfort.

The best way to contact me is through my booking form, email or through SMS. I do not respond to DM’s on my social media platforms. I reply to my messages during my business hours. I will respond to all messages that follow the template displayed in the SMS, email, or booking form.

Your screening may not be approved for a number of factors.
Incomplete/ obstructed photo Identification  (all details and photos must be included)
You may not have supplied your details correctly, I know your legal first name isn’t “M”.
Your messages may have included abusive, offensive or inconsiderate language towards myself, my services or other people.

I can guarantee you I have no interest in identity theft, or interfering in your personal/ professional life.  These measures are only in place due to the unfortunate rates of assault/ crimes committed towards women and sex workers. If you consider your privacy more important than my safety, then I am not the worker for you, and will remind you that brothels exist if this is your top priority.

Short answer? No. I have multiple reasons for this. Firstly it is a safety option of mine as I am often attending an outcall straight from my residence. I do not wish to give out that address, nor do I feel like walking 4 blocks away in my high heels. Secondly, depending on the time and location of your outcall I often prefer to drive as I feel I have more control in arriving on time (no last minute uber cancellations).
There are additional reasons depending on circumstance but these are my most common reasons.

Cash – cash is always preferred for me for bookings

Beem it – is a secure application that is venture-backed by Australia payment provider, EFTPOS that works closely with Australian banks. It allows you to anonymously and instantly transfer money into my account. The application is very easy to download and takes only 5 minutes for the initial set-up.

Direct Bank transfer to discrete bank account – If you choose this option please make sure you have an OSKO-equipped account so the funds go through immediately.

24/7 billing – is a discrete and easy solution for sole traders and small businesses to get paid instantly by anyone from anywhere. They accept all card types.
This option is available to everyone but is my option for all payments for my international clients.

You can leave me a review on either my “Ivy Societe” or “Scarlet Blue”. Reviews are always really appreciated, they help me grow my business and know what you loved during our booking.

No, my rates are not negotiable, please do not ask this as it can be very offensive. My rates are set to the quality of my service. Luckily for you, there are endless escorts from all rates, and most directories or brothels will make it easy for you to find someone within your budget.

I am a true believer that everyone is deserving of desire and affection, I welcome all people into my space regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, ability or aesthetics. That being said; I value mutual respect from my clients, and people who do not follow my etiquette guidelines will not have the pleasure of my services.

I adore seeing women! I’ve been a queer woman for as long as I can remember, with most of my relationships being with women they certainly have a special place in my heart and in my bed. Whether it’s your first time with a woman or you’ve lost count, I would relish the opportunity to make you feel appreciated in every way.

I absolutely do! I have lots of experience working with people with all types of physical and mental disabilities, both inside and outside of the bedroom. I completed my Disability Cert III in school, so not only can I make you feel comfortable and sexy, but I am also able to assist in any manual handling requirements.

Unfortunately my current incall is not accessibility friendly. The property requires us to go up some reasonably steep and narrow stairs to reach the boudoir. I advise all clients with additional accessibility needs to book 24-48 hour minimum ahead of time, so I can source an appropriate hotel for our booking- no additional charge. 

A health check is conducted at the beginning of your booking before you enter the shower. This is to check for any physically noticeable symptoms of STI’s or any other infections.
To see what symptoms I may be looking for or should you wish to do a self examination prior to your booking you may use this resource .

I always advise my clients to get frequent STI screening despite their sexual practices within or outside of the escort/ client relationship.

Yes this is my policy. I will always ask you to shower at my incall, just to make sure that you are smelling as fresh as possible. Please pay special attention to your underarms, genitals (please wash under your foreskin) and feet. If you choose to wear aftershave or cologne please also wash this off, I’m sure it smells devine, but I have quite a sensitive nose and with our closeness this can become overwhelming and give me a headache.
I prefer when gentlemen show up in clean clothes, I understand sometimes you wish to come after being on the job site or the gym, if this is the case please leave these clothes in the bathroom after your shower.

I’m not of the mind to charge for extras, I like my bookings to be priced on my time and the vibe you are looking for. I choose to operate this way so that I can experience a broad array of sexual experiences without the need to break the vibe to say that something costs extra.
If you have special requirements for a booking such as a costume/ outfit or anything that you need me to purchase in preparation for our booking, i will happily do this and will just need to charge you the additional cost, you are welcome to bring these things with you to your booking as well.

I do not offer uncovered oral or penetrative sex. For both of our safety and discretion purposes, I don’t want to be out of work for weeks, and I’m sure no one wants to have to explain to their monogamous partner why they suddenly have an STI.
Safety is my top priority
for everyone I am intimate with. I always make sure that I am fully stocked with high quality thin condoms, lubes and plus my professional talent and dedication to your pleasure, I assure you I have never had a complaint.

Yes I am. Whilst I believe everyone has the right to alter and enhance their body however they desire, I personally hate needles and the thought of ‘going under’ frightens the hell out of me. 

I dont know, can you? I’d love to see it. I don’t have any preference for how many times you ’finish’ in a booking. I believe our time together should be as sensual and enjoyable as possible. Feel free to finish as many times as your body allows you, though I appreciate knowing your limits I am more than happy to continue pleasuring you as I know it still feels amazing, a non-orgasm centred booking often will open you up to many areas of pleasure without the pressure to perform. 

That is completely okay and not something that would ever make me judgemental or impatient with you. I understand there can be many reasons for this; performance anxiety, blood pressure, surgery recovery, or maybe you’ve just had a big weekend partying.
Your ability to maintain an erection will not diminish my desire to bring you pleasure, I know it feels good regardless. I like to explore sexuality and sensuality in all its forms, I have a non-orgasm centred approach to intimacy so no matter how you’re feeling down there on the day im sure you will leave feeling taken care of.

I do not party often, although when I do I like to have a heads up so I can make sure I’m ready for the night ahead. I only offer “party” services in my “A Night To Remember” package. When you send your enquiry for this package, please include what type of party you are looking at hosting.

If in the unlikely event you run into/ see me out in public please be respectful. I do not wish to hear a “Hey Chloe!” from across the street, or receive a text message saying something like “I just saw you”. These make me feel very unsafe, regardless of how close our relationship is. Discretion goes both ways, not only do I honour your privacy, but I expect you to honour mine as well.

Yes! Absolutely! For privacy purposes I will always book my own ticket, however I am more than happy for us to use seat selection to ensure we get to sit together for our flight. To see more details on FMTY follow this link.

I like to be very considerate that you have put aside time and money to see me, although I only value those who show respect to myself and others in return.
Those who do/ say these things* will have their booking terminated immediately and will not receive a refund, so please be mindful.
-Negative remarks about people of marginalised communities- any xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, whorephobic, or racist remarks.

-If you are found to be recording, or filming our booking or my space. This is both assault and honestly very hurtful as I have opened up myself to you in such an intimate way. If you would like to take photos during our booking, please ask and I will inform you of my rules. 

– Asking me to do acts I have outlined either to you in person or on my website I do not offer. I will give one polite verbal warning, continuing to ask or complaining about my answer will result in a booking termination.

-Stealthing (removing condom during intercourse without my knowledge).This is Rape. If this occurs you will not only lose your money for your booking, be told to leave, but I will also press criminal charges.

To be clear these acts will also result in losing your privilege to book me again.
*Any acts of abuse towards me, destruction of property or threats to my safety, and other clearly dangerous or violent acts will result in termination and potential police action. 

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